Kimberley Hearing Centre

The Kimberley Hearing Centre has been serving patients for 14 years.  It is run by the sole Audiologist Kimberley Marshall (M.Cl.Sc.) and assisted by Tonya Meadows, the Office Manager.


Kimberley earned her Audiology degree at the University of Western Ontario following a degree in Psychology, and is registered with the College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Ontario.  She had 13 years of experience working for an otoneurologist and in private practices in southern Ontario and Bracebridge before opening this facility in 2006.  She continues to upgrade and maintain her skills, and she and Tonya stay current with the latest technology by attending seminars and conferences regularly.


The Kimberley Hearing Centre is located in a charming century home in downtown Bracebridge with parking available at the back and is fully wheelchair accessible.


Our emphasis is on educating people about all aspects of hearing health and the importance of hearing on brain health.   

We believe in community involvement and have been able to offer complimentary servicing to hearing aids in some retirement homes for the last 10 years.


Services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing assessments

  • Customized hearing aid fittings using personalized programming ad verification procedures

  • Gentle wax removal

  • Batteries and accessories

  • Custom hearing protection and swim plugs